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 Infants and Preschool

infants.jpgLaunceston Swim School has a very extensive infant program. The program is developmentally based and a great way to start an aquatic program for very young infants. It gives them the opportunity to interact with others of similar ages and at similar developmental stages. Our infant instructors are all very experienced and caring and have a good grounding in helping you to understand our program. The lessons are planned with water safety, water orientation and motor skill development in mind and are presented through songs, games activities to encourage a routine the infants will understand. There are 6 parents and babies per group and each lesson goes for 1/2 an hour. Instructors will explain each activity so carers can develop an understanding of the purpose of each skill and how they relate to the child's developmental stage.


We run three lessons consecutively so you may find you are in the water with your baby
and your toddler is in an independent class with their instructor at the same time.

Toddler Classespreschool.jpg

We cater for toddlers of all levels from beginners to advanced pre-schoolers. Our very experienced and caring instructors will work in the water with the children,

encouraging them to explore the water and to learn new skills, advancing them with water safety techniques as well as swimming skills. Children are grouped according to their ability in small groups of 4 giving them every opportunity to get the most out of every swimming lesson.

For more information on infant aquatics for very young babies please contact Launceston Swim School


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