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Tasmanian Swim School Of The Year

2015 2014 2013 2011

Tasmanian Teacher of Infant & Preschool Aquatics

2015 - Lynette Austin 2014 - Katrina Donnelly 2013 - Katrina Williams 2012 - Susan Smith 2009 - Lindy Crack

Tasmanian Teacher of Swimming & Water Safety

2014 - Jennifer WIlliams 2009 - Joseph Divona

Tasmanian Teacher of Access & Inclusion / Teacher of People with Disabilities

2015 - Katrina Donnelly 2014 - Lindy Crack 2012 - Lindy Crack

Australian Teacher of Access & Inclusion / Teacher of People with Disabilities

2012 - Lindy Crack

Tasmanian Teacher of Adults

2013 - Lindy Crack

Tasmanian Presenter of the Year

2014 - Lindy Crack



Updated: 28th August 2015
 By making a booking at Launceston Swim School, you understand and agree to comply with the following Terms & Conditions:


Our lesson programs run in close conjunction with the public school term dates, ignoring any pupil-free days and partial weeks. We do not open on public holidays and lessons are not invoiced for these days.
 Accounts will be issued for each individual term and are due for payment in full by week one of each term. Weekly or fortnightly payments are not accepted. A Late Payment Fee of $10.00 per week or any part thereof will apply to all accounts that remain unpaid past the due-by date listed on the invoice.
 Any lessons cancelled after the term has started will incur a booking and administration fee of $30.00 per child and any time slots held for that child must also be paid for, regardless of attendance or absence in the lesson(s). Any bookings remaining unpaid after the due date may be cancelled, incurring the above booking and administration fee.
 If we do not receive notification that your child will be absent (and fees are unpaid), your booking may automatically be cancelled after two consecutive absences and you will still be charged accordingly for these lessons.
 We reserve the right, at our total discretion, to charge any interest and/or fees on overdue accounts and to add collection costs to any outstanding debts.
Bookings for term one need to be confirmed and secured with a $50.00 non-refundable deposit, due by the 1st of December. Any term one bookings not confirmed with a deposit by this date will be considered vacant and available.
All bookings for terms two, three & four will automatically be rolled over from the previous term with no deposit or confirmation required from you. Should you not want to continue with lessons into a new term, we must be notified at least two weeks before the end of the current term otherwise the above fees will apply. If you cancel out of a new term before it starts but after the accounts have been sent out (usually the first week of the school holidays), the above booking and administration fee still applies.


Make-up lessons are permitted provided you notify us of any absences by no later than 9:00am on the day of the scheduled lesson in order to allow us to offer your place to another swimmer. If reception staff are unavailable, please leave a message on our telephone answering service which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
 Two make-up lessons are permitted per term and must be taken within the current term. They may not be carried over into any subsequent terms.
Make-up lessons may be exchanged for a Casual Swim or Movement To Music session.
Any make-ups exchanged for a Casual Swim may also be taken during the holidays between school terms. Please collect a Holiday Timetable from reception at the end of each term for available times.
Bookings for make-up lessons can only be made on the day that you wish to do the make-up class. To book, please ring after 9:30am on the day. All make-up lesson bookings are subject to availability and, once booked, may not be transferred or cancelled.
 In cases of extended illness, or special circumstances, please refer to Swim School Management for further consideration.


All children will be issued with a Progress Book free of charge on finalisation of your first invoice. Replacements books cost $2.00 each. Please hand it in to the reception staff in the third last week of term 2 and term 4. Your instructor will update it & it will be ready for collection by you on your last day of that term.


Water Safety is an integral part of our program so several times a year we focus on Water Safety Activities. Children will have the opportunity to try out PFDs & experience a variety of water-based activities with an emphasis on safety.


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